Everyone will understand it

Get direct insight into availability of units simply by glazing at the Reservations calendar. VELUMrent eliminates the need to go back and forth between vacation units to see their availability.  Everything from reservation statuses to guest information associated with specific reservations is right there in a single view on the calendar homepage.

Time filters enable viewing up to 90 days of reservations at a time while with advance calendar jumping to months and years has never been faster or easier.

Add, edit or delete reservations in seconds

Clicking an empty space on Reservations calendar opens a new reservation window with the correct vacation until automatically preselected and starting and ending dates for this reservation already entered. Associate a guest with the new reservation, hit Create and you are done.

There is no need to go through long and unnecessary dialogs just to add a simple reservation enquiry.

Changing dates for already created reservations can be simply done by drag and dropping a reservation on to a new spot on the calendar.

Clicking the guest name on a reservation opens guest details for viewing or fast editing and the same works for viewing additional reservation information as well.

All reservation information in a single place

VELUmrent eliminates multi-step dialogs for adding or editing reservations. Everything you need is in a single reservation window.

Create new guests on the fly, change reservation statuses, add/remove extra services, attach documents, add comments and other reservation information. It is all there in a single beautiful reservation window that is immediately familiar to everyone.

And with the addition of advance payment options everyone can easily change prices, provide discounts and add partial payment information to the reservation.

Thanks to smart VELUMrent design any one of the above mentioned options is never more than a click away from the main reservations calendar.