Adaptable settings for any business

VELUMrent provides variety of settings that will personalize and adapt it to any renting business, big or small, within minutes.

Some of the additional features VELUMrent offers are:

  • Up to 10 custom season prices.
  • Unlimited custom reservation statuses with changeable colors, names, movability option and option to present it to Public View users.
  • Unlimited custom services with pricing based by number of people, day or night and per reservation.
  • List view of upcoming reservations with Agenda view.
  • Single VELUMrent login account for you and everyone in your working team with automatic logging possibility.
  • Advance printing with the ability to print reservations only for selected vacation units at a certain time.
  • Advance pricing and payment options. Calculate the price per day or night, with or without tax, add special discounts in percentage or total amounts reduced from the daily price or total price. Add partial payments to any reservation.
  • Direct email contact for guests with property owners.

Accessibility features

VELUMrent is available in 7 different languages (English, German, Croatian, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese). No matter where your guest are coming from they can easily translate VELUMrent user interface to a language familiar to them.