Real time information

All information presented in VELUMrent is presented in real time to every user accessing it. With real time updates VELUMrent eliminates double bookings and the need for information syncing between multiple users and computers. Evan a separate communication channel for teams to collaborate around unit availability can be discarded.

All these features, and the fact that there are no limits on number of users that can use a single VELUMrent account, make VELUMrent a great tool for working in bigger teams.

All relevant information in a single place

Promote vacation units to guests with photo galleries and detailed descriptions.

Attach files, leave notes and comments for every single reservation and customer to other team members.

Using these features to speed up the booking process while reducing the communication time teams can cut down operational costs by 50%.

Provide customers with choice

Public View is a special and unique feature which allows renters to share vacation units availability the same way they see them with guests and agencies and letting guests create their own reservations at the same time.

Public View reduces the number of clicks guests makes before they find and ideal vacation unit and date, and makes their user experience with any vacation rental more pleasing. It also increases the number of over-all booked days as it is easier for guests to make a faster decision once they see everything in a more visually pleasing and understandable way.

Public View will also eliminate the agencies need to constantly check in with the renter for availability of a certain vacation units. Instead of calling or e-mailing back and forth using a renters Public View link they can see real time information about all units availability and create enquiries or confirmed reservations right there without contacting the renter.