New VELUMrent upgrade


We had quite a few busy weeks this and past month developing new features for VELUMrent and preparing the site for redesign.

The site redesign should be done in one or two weeks. To be notified in time about those changes please follow us on Twitter (this is the fastest way to receive news about things that are happening with Constructive Code and VELUMrent).

So what’s new in VELUMrent version 1.1.0?

All together there are more than 10 new features and more than 11 bug fixes available in this release.

New added features will make working with new and existing reservations much faster and simpler. Now by clicking the date on every reservation will open this reservation for editing.

By clicking the empty space on the reservation grid you’ll automatically open a new reservation dialog with the dates and the unit predefined to the clicked space.
While editing or creating a new reservation we’ve also included a quick search field for customers so you can easily and quickly find the customer you’ve been looking for.

We’ve also added couple of new settings in the Settings menu so now you can choose between 10 new colors for confirmed and unconfirmed reservations or change the date format to suit your needs.


Public View has also been changed so it looks exactly the same as the the reservation grid you are using. Evan the fast switching languages are available there for customers to choose from.

To see which other features and bug fixes were included in this upgrade check our VELUMrent change log at

You can use this page to see all past and future changes to the application as we make them.

By now all VELUMrent user accounts should have been upgraded to this release. This and all feature upgrades are free.

Let us know how do you like the new features and what other features would you like to see in the future releases.

We’re looking forward hearing from you.

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