VELUMrent upgrade released on 19. 03. 2012


– All new VELUMrent user interface design

– Many other enhances, tweaks and changes to VELUMrent about which you can read in detail through our blog posts.

VELUMrent upgrade released on 27. 03. 2011


– We added support for 5 additional languages (German, French, Spanish, Italian i Portuguese)

– New reservation printing feature. Now you can specify which units and for which time period you would like to show and print. Note that there is a limit of 8 units per print.

– Advance payment system for price calculation with additional services, discounts and partial payments is available only to Premium users from this update.

– Couple of bug fixes.

– Couple of user interface advances.

VELUMrent upgrade released on 07. 12. 2010


– Bug fix for reservations that could’t be created because starting date was in 2010 and ending date was in 2011.

VELUMrent upgrade released on 24. 11. 2010


– We fixed a bug which didn’t allow users to change or add new units to already created reservations.

VELUMrent upgrade released on 08. 10. 2010


– When changing dates inside the New Reservation window VELUMrent will now automatically refresh and show only the available units for the selected period.

VELUMrent upgrade released on 02. 10. 2010


– We separated the settings area into two parts and dedicated the new part to reservation Pricing and Payment options. Next to already know features for currency, tax and model for reservation price calculation we added a new section for Additional Services.

Additional Services: You can now add any number of custom created Services that are used while creating a new reservation. We separated them into three pricing types which can be changed at any time and can suit everyones need. There is also an option which adds the service to the the daily price so discounts can be applied to them as well through daily price.

Reservation changes:

– We added “real-time” instant data processing to reservations. All pricing and payments data is immediately calculated without the need to refresh the reservation window as before. This is possible by loading all the required data before opening the reservation window, and then double checking that data once again on saving reservation changes.

– We replaced the old Date Picker with the new one which is easier and faster to use and works better with instant data processing.

Group Reservations: There is a new option to save group reservations as a single reservation instead of separating them into multiply reservations after saving the changes. They can be separated into single reservations afterwards if needed. The visual presentation on the calendar hasn’t change. Group reservations can’t be dragged and dropped on Reservations Calendar.

Overwrite daily unit price: The default unit price can now be overwritten and set to some other value just for the current reservation without changing it for every other reservation and unit.

– You can add the number of adults and children that are associated with any reservation. Those numbers are directly connected with Additional Services so if there is a service that is priced per adults and children it will use those numbers to calculate the additional daily cost to the reservation.

Discounts: Choose the discount amount and if it is calculated in percentage or in currency, and also if it is reduced from the daily reservation price or from the total reservation amount.

Partial Payments: Add partial guest payments with info comments about them. You can add as many partial payments as needed. If the reservation is fully paid simply select the Paid In Full option to dim out this area.

VELUMrent upgrade released on 05. 09. 2010

Bug fixes:

– After creating a new guest inside reservation window the drop down guest list didn’t refresh and load this newly created guest. This bug has been fixed so newly created guests are shown and automatically loaded in the reservation window.

VELUMrent upgrade released on 04. 09. 2010


– Implementation of Automatic Login URL. Using this URL you can skip the login procedure and directly open your VELUMrent account. The Automatic Login URL is (where YOUR_USERNAME and YOUR_PASSWORD should be replaced with your login credentials).

– Automatic cursor positioning in the Surname field when adding a new guest to the database and removing all required fields in that form.

– Partially displayed reservation on reservations calendar can be opened and edited now. Simply click the reservation dates to open them for editing. Drag and drop feature for such reservations is still not possible.

– We improved the User search bar which gives better and more useful results now.

Bug fixes:

– We found and fixed the cause for random server errors that appeared for some users.

– Transparent reservations bug in IE7 is fixed.

– Several other IE7 UI bug fixes. With these fixes VELUMrent should be completely IE7 compatible.

– Reservations drag and drop bug for users that have more that 8 properties is fixed.

VELUMrent upgrade released on 26. 08. 2010


– We implemented an anonymous error logging system that will monitor and log all errors that accrue in VELUMrent to help us speed up the time required for a bug fix.

– Bug which prevented users to leave the Mail Title field empty in VELUMrent settings has been fixed.

VELUMrent upgrade released on 11. 06. 2010


– New Time filter that shows 90 days on reservations calendar

– Time filter has a new style and was moved to a new spot on on home desktop

– Agenda view bug fix for server error that what caused for accounts that had more than two reservations statuses.

VELUMrent upgrade released on 10. 06. 2010


– Added custom seasons to Settings. VELUMrent is now able to have up to 10 seasons with unique unit prices. Prices are still handled directly by editing specific units.

– We replaced the price field name in Public View unit Info window with the season date range. This way all your customers will immediately know which prices and when are active for a specific unit.

– Public View now shows only two type of reservation statuses. All fixed reservations are shown as Confirmed reservations, and all other reservations as Unconfirmed. This way guests won’t see all your working reservations statuses so you can name them how ever you’d like.

– Added separate color picker for two Public View reservation statuses.

– Added confirmation popup when deleting units with associated reservations in order to prevent deleting units with reservations by mistake.

– VELUMrent’s timeout has been extended.

– Fixed some Public View user interface bugs and other minor issues.

VELUMrent upgrade released on 31. 05. 2010


– Added custom reservation statuses.

– Following actions have been implemented for all reservation statuses: status name changing, status color changing, changing the type of status, creating new status, editing existing status, deleting status.

– We added an option to enable/disable VELUMrent browser cookies. They are used for restoring users last used settings on log in (like time filters, last view dates, last used desktops, etc.).

– Quick jump to any month or year from two sidebar navigation calendars.

– Added Support link for direct contact with VELUMrent support.

– Bug fix: days and dates column is now fixed so it does not scroll with the reset of reservations calendar and becomes invisible if there are more than 8 accommodation units available.

– Several other user interface and database improvements that will speed and enhance the the overall VELUMrent experience.

VELUMrent upgrade released on 29. 03. 2010


– By customers requests we made the registration form more understandable so there is no more confusion on how to finalize the registration.

New Unit button has been made more visible by adding description text for its function so users don’t mistake it for a design element.

– By default every new VELUMrent account will now come with two predefined properties for quick demoing its features. They can be edited or deleted normally when and if needed.

VELUMrent upgrade released on 01.03.2010


– E-mail notifications were modified and prepared for future VELUMrent upgrade plans

VELUMrent upgrade released on 26.01.2010


– Bug fix: Vertical scroll which disappeared in New Reservation window if all accommodation units didn’t fit the unit field now shows normally.

– Buf fix: Accommodation price was miscalculated if the price was set By Night

– Added new price formatting so there are no misunderstanding regarding the decimal places

VELUMrent upgrade released on 05.01.2010


– We added a second price for every unit: one for high and one for low season which are used depending on dates when the reservations are made.

– There is a new option in VELUMrent Settings which allows you to define the range for high season. Every date outside this specified date range is considered low season.

– The customer name on very reservation located on the reservation grid is now linked to his/her details. Now you can see all customers details directly from the reservation grid. All standard actions like editing and deleting can be done through this window as if you were modifying them in Customers tab.

– We enhanced the date ribbon next to reservations grid. We added day names next to each date and highlighted weekends with different color.

– There is a new safe mechanism that will prevent you to delete customers that are associated with one or more reservations. You’ll be able to cancel his/her deletion or confirm the deletion of him/her with all associated reservations.

– Couple of other minor database and system modifications to enhance the overall VELUMrent user experience

VELUMrent upgrade released on 09.12.2009


-Minor changes and bug fixes regarding the advance navigation calendars located in the sidebar of VELUMrent desktop.

VELUMrent upgrade released on 30.11.2009


– Implementation of vCard standard into VELUMrent. Under Customers tab next to every customer there is now a vCard icon. By clicking this icon you’ll download the complete customer details in .vcf format that is support by all major Address Books and user databases on all major platforms.

VELUMrent upgrade released on 16.11.2009


– Users can now create new reservation through Public View which have to be confirmed by You before they are publicly shown on the reservation calendar.

– Users who create new reservation requests are automatically stored in Customers database

– New e-mail notification is included for new requests made by Public View users. E-mail notifications are sent to both customer and You.

– New tab is included on the main VELUMrent desktop. It includes all pending reservations as notifications which have to be dealt with. You can accept or deny them by one click, or open them for more information and editing before performing one of those two actions.

VELUMrent upgrade released on 13.10.2009


– Free VELUMrent plan (account) has been implemented with only one limitation compared to the paying plans – number of properties is limited to maximum of 3.

– Feature to upload and preview photos for every property

– Feature to choose which information from Property window will be available to Public users. Every single field can be individually checked or unchecked.

– Added 2 new icons under every property for all users to quickly access property information or photos.

VELUMrent upgrade released on 16.09.2009


– The Customers window layout has been changed to better fit small net-book’s screens.

- Additional fields have been added to Customers window as well

– Added support for e-mail notifications on which we’ll develop some new features in future upgrades

– Account login credentials recovery is now available through the login screen

– If you try to move a confirmed reservation on the Reservations grid you’ll be promoted with a system message to confirm that you are certain about this change so you won’t be able to move confirmed reservations by accident.

Included bug fixes:

– Fixed issues with showing custom logos and titles in Safari and Opera

VELUMrent upgrade released on 15.08.2009


– Changed the default login time filter from 14 days to 30 days

VELUMrent upgrade released on 01.08.2009

Included Features:

– Now you can add a custom title and a company logo to VELUMrent above the reservation calendar. This feature is accessed through VELUMrent settings

VELUMrent upgrade released on 07.05.2009

Included Features:

– You can choose between 10 color to represent confirmed and unconfirmed reservations in the Settings.

– You can switch between two date formats for all you reservations and the reservations grid in the Settings.

– Search field added to the reservation window.

– Customer search fields throughout the application now search through all customer fields and details.

– Clicking the date on the reservation located on the grid will now open this reservation for quick viewing or editing.

– Clicking the empty space on the reservation grid will open a new reservation dialog with reservation dates and unit predefined.

– New time filter (1 day) was added to Agenda view.

– Help and About link were added next to the user details.

– We added separated fields for customers names and surnames.

– Minor UI design changes throughout the application.

Included bug fixes:

– Fixed the print button issue in the Public View.

– Fixed the issue where users could change their usernames. Now usernames cannot be changed.

– Fixed the issue where password couldn’t contain special characters .

– Fixed the issue where users would get logged out when adding attachments to new reservations.

– New reservation window and window for editing current reservations have the same layout now.

– Fixed the issue when selected currency was not shown next to the unit price.

– DB modifications and enhancements for greater speed and reliability .

– Solved the issue where Unit price field was left blank and the Unit could not be saved.

– Fixed the issue when users were not promoted their account was expired. Now they receive a special message which directs them to Public View.

– Fixed some translation issues.

– Fixed some user interface issues throughout the application.

VELUMrent came out of Beta on 27.03.2009