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  • Changes to (Free) Start VELUMrent subscription

    In the next few days we’ll release a new upgrade that will add quite a few new features to VELUMrent. And in the next months we plan to add evan more new features that were on our ToDo list or requested by VELUMrent users. This is why we would like to use this opportunity to […]

  • Automatic VELUMrent login

    Yesterday we released a new feature – Automatic login URL – that will save a lot of time for all users who access VELUMrent regularly (visit VELUMrent’s change log to se what else is new). The idea behind it was to have a single link (web address) that will automatically log you into VELUMrent so you […]

  • Custom Reservation Statuses, Jump-to-Month and Other New Features

    Yesterday we upgraded VELUMrent to a new version. Here is a rundown of a few new features that came with this version… Custom reservation statuses VELUMrent now supports up any number of custom reservation statuses. Every status has a changeable name, color and type. By default you’ll only see two statuses. You can edit them or […]

  • Quick Hint For iPhone/iPad users

    One of the main reasons most accommodation owners are using/are interested in using VELUMrent is because of its mobility. Unlike other booking software out there which ties you to one or several computers, VELUMrent is a web application and can be accessed from any web enabled device, anytime and anywhere. Today such devices are widely […]

  • Public View – Share your reservations with everyone

    Public View is a very special feature in VELUMrent and it is unlike anything we have seen in other booking applications for private property owners. Here are some common daily problems property owners stumble upon when dealing with guest and reservations: Guests are having a hard time visualizing accommodation availability if it is not immediately […]

  • Reservations Calendar in Booking Application

    One of the main parts/features of every booking software is its reservations calendar. It shows you all properties and associated reservations for a specific period in time. Every booking solution has its own opinion on how reservations calendar should look, work and be used. Depending on your needs some solutions will work better for you […]

  • New major VELUMrent upgrade and revitalization of our blog

    VELUMrent, our booking solution for small and medium businesses, had couple of upgrades in the last few months. Most of those upgrades were minor upgrades like bug fixes reported by active VELUMrent users. To see what exactly has been fixed and added check VELUMrent’s change log here. Currently we are putting all feature suggestions that […]

  • Special promotion for VELUMrent Facebook fans

    Some of our users already know that the best and the fastest way to receive VELUMrent news and updates is by following us on Twitter. But as not everyone is a fan of Twitter we also created a Facebook Fan page for VELUMrent. We hope you will use our new Fan page not only to […]

  • Handsfree booking system

    Today we released a big VELUMrent upgrade which includes a feature that will allow your customers and agencies to make reservations on their own through Public View. And as requested, they’ll still have to wait for you to review and confirm all pending reservation requests. The procedure is fast and simple: – In order for […]

  • Say Hello To New Free VELUMrent Plan

    Today we upgraded VELUMrent to a new version and the biggest news is the implementation of  a completely free account (so no more 30 days trials and unavailable accounts if you downgrade your plan). The Free VELUMrent plan has all the features as the paying plans and the only limitation it has is the number […]