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VELUMrent login page

Yesterday we released a new feature – Automatic login URL – that will save a lot of time for all users who access VELUMrent regularly (visit VELUMrent’s change log to se what else is new).

The idea behind it was to have a single link (web address) that will automatically log you into VELUMrent so you can immediately start using it and manage reservations.

How to activate and start using automatic login link?

To use this link you’ll have to:

1. Copy the following link to your web browser:

2. Replace the part of this link saying YOUR_USERNAME with the username of your VELUMrent account, and the part saying YOUR_PASSWORD with the password for that account.

3. Save this link to your bookmarks so you won’t have to modify it every time and so it isn’t more than a click away.

From now on you’ll only have to click this bookmark to immediately get logged into VELUMrent and stop wasting time on manual logging.

Automatic entering of username

If you don’t want to get automatically logged into VELUMrent you can still use the old URL that will take you the the Login page, or start using a modified automatic logging URL that will just fill the username field for you and leave the password field empty.

To fill just the username field use this URL:


Logging to VELUMrent using automatic login URL is no less safe than logging using the standard Log in page. The only thing all VELUMrent users should make sure is that nobody gets unauthorized access to their computer bookmarks and through them to you VELUMrent account information.

We hope that this new feature will help you evan more to speed up and make you daily work in VELUMrent easier and more enjoyable.

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