Constructive Code Ltd. is a privately-held company based in Croatia (Europe). It was founded in September 2008. The original Croatian translation of company’s name is Koristan Kod d.o.o.

VELUMrent is the main product we are working on.

Our goal is to make and then widely distribute a low cost, easy to use and fast to set up internet renting application. By doing that we hope to help our partners’ businesses to save time and money, boost productivity and grow faster on the worlds market. We think our expertise and experience in renting business and with renting applications will help use deliver such product to the end user.

The meaning behind the name “Constructive Code”

As our main business is web development we wanted the company name to describe our work and how it differs from other similar software companies. We believe that most software applications are way more complicated to operate than they should be. They are overfilled with features (lines and lines of code) which in the end only make working in those applications time consuming and difficult for the end user.

We think the product has to be fast, simple and easy to use and most of the time that is harder to accomplish than stitching many new features to the application. But with “smart” coding (constructive coding) and smart design (not how it looks but how it works) you can maximize the usability of any application without adding new features and sometimes even by removing some of them. We think we are doing just that with our current application and we hope it and every future application we ever make will live up to our name.

Why are we developing VELUMrent?

While working in the renting business we were frustrated with the renting application available on the market. They were cluttered with many irrelevant and unused features which only made users do more steps than needed to accomplish the desired task. So the idea for developing a renting application was born.

Want to know more…

Or you have some other questions about us? Then feel free to contact us any time and through any contact channel you prefer from our contact page.

We are looking forward hearing from you!