Reservations calendar

VELUMrent provides you with an intuitive and beautiful graphical overview of ALL your vacation rentals and associated reservations at a glance. Read moreTry for free

Reservations sharing

Easily share the availability of vacation rentals and automate the booking process. VELUMrent increases bookings and saves time and money in the process. Read moreTry for free

Work less but do more!

All core features are never more than a click away. Add, edit and remove reservations, guests and units in seconds. Read moreTry for free

Simply functional

Minimal and non-intrusive design for all major features and tasks a renting business requires from such a system. Read moreTry for free

Why VELUMrent?Read about other features ...

Time and money saving design

View all units and their reservation information for next 30 days at a glance without making a single mouse click!

Secure reservations sharing

VELUMrent allow guests and agencies to use all advantages of its reservations calendar without compromising reservations and guests data.

Mobile friendly

As VELUMrent was designed for touch input it works great with smartphone and tablet devices like iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

As businesses grow our prices do not

All subscription plans are feature based and extremely flexible and ready for business expansion without adding additional costs.


Danijela Brlic

Exactly what I have been dreaming of to run my small beach resort. Thanks, its really functional and efficient, and the design it self is also very friendly.

Georges Cortez

The core concept is so far the most suitable for small hotels of everything I have tried before.

Kristina Bogovic

VELUMrent is pure Win :) It's a shame I didn't discover it sooner during the season. But it is never too late. ♥